Mantis Roller Coaster at Cedar Point!

At Angel Welcome Bed & Breakfast, we are always excited to report about the rides at Cedar point, which is only 30 minutes from us.

Something to look forward to at Cedar Point this year is the MANTIS!

The unique thing about Mantis is that unlike regular roller coasters, it is ridden standing up! The ride lasts almost three minutes and achieves speeds up to 60 miles per hour. Imagine a 145-foot climb, immediately going into a dive then into a 119-foot giant loop, then a
103-foot tall dive loop, followed by an inclined loop and finishing with a flat spin maneuver.

Whew! And all of that while standing up! Take a look:

After a fabulous day at the park, come back to Angel Welcome for a wonderful night’s sleep followed by a delicious home-made breakfast!

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