Take an African Safari Right in Ohio!

Did you ever watch the animal planet channel and wish you could go on a wildlife safari? Well, you can, and you don’t even have to leave the country! Here in Ohio, we have the African Safari Wildlife Park, just 30 minutes away in Port Clinton.

The Wildlife Park offers both a drive-thru and walk-thru experience. Your ticket purchase includes a cup of animal feed pellets, which will come in handy when the creatures approach your car to have a snack! The drive-thru safari has many large animals, such as bactrian camels, bison, alpaca, bongos, guanaco, zebras, kudu and more. The animals know that you are there with food, and will come up to the car and even stick their heads in the windows for a treat! You can purchase extra feed and carrots and drive through as many times as you like. Some of the animals are in enclosures, for the safety of you and them, but you will be able to see them.

The walk-thru safari has an eclectic assortment of beasts, among them nyala, a white alligator, warthogs, ocelots and tortoises. Most people like to do the drive-thru portion first, then had to the walk-thru.

Along with the safaris, in season (May – September) you will enjoy various shows such as pig races, pig-calling contests, and educational programs.

The park has a snack bar, ice cream shop and the Safari Grill. You can purchase tickets at the park or buy them online. The reviews for the park are great, people really enjoy the animals’ antics as they vie for the pellets and carrots.

Stay with us and take a fun day trip to the African Safari Wildlife Park!

Bernie Pleunik

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