Kelleys Island – An Ohio Freshwater Island

When you stay with us at Angel Welcome Bed and Breakfast, among the many fun things to do is a trip to Kelleys Island, one of Ohio’s landmarks. Kelleys Island is four by two miles and is the largest freshwater American island in Lake Erie.

The island is a nice trip of about an hour and a quarter from the inn. You can drive to the ferry and take your car over, or you can park the car and rent a bicycle or a golf cart, for a more laid-back and relaxing time.

Kelleys Island is a birders paradise. Every spring and fall, migrating songbirds and birds of prey use the island as a stopping place when crossing Lake Erie. The local Audubon Society is very active, presenting activities, including the annual “Nest with the Birds” and “Feathers and Foliage Festival”.

Hikers will love the island’s many different trails, starting with the North Shore Loop, a one mile trail that carries hikers from the remains of the Kelleys Island Lime and Transport Company’s loader to the shoreline of the lake. You can see Canada from the shore, and are able to walk along the forest path or you can try to traverse the rocky shoreline. This part of the shore is an Alvar, a very rare biological environment based on a limestone prairie. There are also miles of hiking trails in the Kelleys Island State Park.

Beach activities abound with swimming, boating, kayaking, scuba diving, fishing and more. Scuba diving is particularly interesting due to the many shipwrecks in the area. A fishing license is required, and you can hire a charter boat for deep-water angling.

Kelleys Island is an amazing spot with a ton of fun things to do!

Bernie Pleunik

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