Milan Melon Festival – September 2 – 4, 2017

Every year, in late summer, the small village of Milan, Ohio, is the site for the most fabulous melon event in America, the Milan Melon Festival. Held over Labor Day weekend, it’s 3 days of watermelon, muskmelon (that’s cantaloupe to you non-Mid-Westerners) and fun!

The main draw is, of course, the melons! You can watch or take part in several melon-themed activities, like a melon carving, exploding watermelon, biggest watermelon and watermelon eating contests. Each year, Toft’s Ice Cream makes gallons of both watermelon sherbet and muskmelon ice cream, which can be enjoyed on a cone, in a dish, or for the full experience, get a scoop or two of each kind in a melon half!

Speaking of food, vendors come year after year with their amazing treats. The famed Kiedrowski’s Bakery, of Amherst, Ohio, brings all of their wonderful offerings, including the Snoogle, a foot long pastry filled with Polish cream and smothered in a sinfully delicious glaze. Heaven. Add in Cedar Point fries, burgers, pierogis, brats, dogs, and all the other crazy fair food, and you’ve got a smorgasbord of delights. 

Aside from the delectable treats, the Melon Festival has live music, a really fun, family-friendly parade, a Queen’s pageant,  a 5K and a Fun Run, games and rides. You can purchase watermelon-themed items, as well as full melons, slices and snowcones! 

Milan Melon Festival
Saturday – Monday, July 2-4, 2017
Milan, Ohio – Village Square
Free Entry! 

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