Thomas Edison’s 171st Birthday!

February 11, 2018, is the 171st anniversary of Thomas Edison’s birth. This is an especially notable fact here in Milan, the birthplace of the estimable inventor!

Thomas Edison was born in 1847, in Milan, Ohio, to Samuel Ogden Edison Jr. and Nancy Matthews Elliot. He was the youngest of 7 children. Interestingly, Samuel had fled Canada after the failed Mackenzie Rebellion. Thomas’ grandfather Samuel Sr, had fought in the War of 1812. Thomas was mostly educated by his mother at home, though he did attend classes at The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art. Of course, his contributions to the quality of life of millions of people throughout the years is well known, with inventions such as the light bulb, the phonograph, mimeograph and movie camera, as well as promoting the building and extension of electrical power to the people.

Though Edison’s family moved away from Milan not long after his birth,  but we still consider him a Native Son, and the house where they lived has been long known as the Thomas Edison Birthplace Museum. The Museum was established by Edison’s widow, Mina Miller Edison, and their daughter, Madeleine, Mrs. John Eyre Sloane. The Museum was opened on the centennial of Edison’s birth on February 11, 1947.

If you would like to visit the museum, please check their website for days and times they are open. A great day to plan a trip would be for Thomas Edison’s birthday, which falls on a Sunday this year! The museum is just a 3 minute walk from Angel Welcome Bed and Breakfast!


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