Stay Safe, Stay Small, Stay Inn – Why It’s Better at a Bed & Breakfast

With the fears of contagion changing each day, you may wonder what arrangements you should make for lodging, when you do decide to travel. We highly recommend a Bed & Breakfast, and not just because we run one! 

Think about it – a large hotel is going to be full of people, from all over. People will be in the halls, the elevators, the common spaces. There is no way to know whether the guests have been exposed to anything, and even the hotel staff- how to do you know you won’t be exposed, even innocently by someone who doesn’t know they are carrying the virus?

At a B&B, the room is most likely cleaned by the owner of the business, or a trusted employee. You will know that multiple people haven’t been in and out of your room, and the person cleaning will be either the person responsible for the business, or someone who reports directly to the owner. Care will be taken.

As for breakfast, if the municipality/state allows, breakfast will be cooked and served by one or two people, rather than a kitchen full. The accountability factor is high. No owner wants anyone to be ill at their property, and they are taking steps to make sure all is clean and safe. Our breakfasts are made by US, and we are very careful with your health!

This is why we are welcoming guests to Angel Welcome Bed & Breakfast, the best and safest place to stay in Milan, Ohio!



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