A Different Kind of Autumn in a Different Kind of Year

Lately, the phrase, “the new normal” has been on most everyone’s lips. If you’re not saying it, you’re probably thinking it. The pandemic has touched everyone in some way or another. Even if you or someone you love hasn’t gotten sick, you’ve faced shortages, stay at home orders, maybe been furloughed or laid off or have had to start working from home. You may be one of our valued essential workers and have had to work longer hours, with masks and equipment that is uncomfortable and inconvenient. If you have children, all of this has been amplified for you. Family events and gatherings have been delayed or just called off. Uncertainty is rampant, the blame game is unchecked, and people are unsure of the future, wondering if things will ever get better or back to “normal”. Some are waiting and hoping for a vaccine, others are just ready to let everything get back to the way it was and let the cards fall where they may.

We understand. We have many of the same concerns, as the travel and hospitality industry has taken a pretty big hit, as may be imagined. Local events have been cancelled – the Melon Festival! But we move forward, observing stay safe guidelines and state and local regulations!

If you would like to escape from the speculations, the stresses and the headaches of daily life during a pandemic, head to our little village of Milan and Angel Welcome Bed & Breakfast. We have room to spread out, plenty of outdoor things to do, and we are doing everything possible to keep our guests safe. Our rooms are comfortable and clean, our breakfasts are home-made, and with only 3 rooms, you don’t have to worry about being crowded in the hallways. Check our room availability calendar for a time for you and your loved one to getaway to a place to stay safe, stay small, and stay Inn.

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