We (Angel) Welcome Trail Runners!

Many people like to run for physical and mental health. Trail running is an especially excellent way to get out into nature and really get to know the area. Milan and the surrounding region offers many places for the more rugged runners to get their shoes dirty!

Situated as we are, so close to lake Erie, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to run near water. One such spot is the Huron River Greenway MetroPark Trail. The trail consists of two almost-mile-long segments. The Milan piece runs from the end of North Main Street and heads north 0.9 mile to end at a barricade across the trail. The Huron piece runs from DuPont Marsh State Nature Preserve off River Road and heads south about 0.9 mile, ending at a gate on River View Drive in Franklin Flats – don’t pass the barricade or gate, they lead to private property. You’ll have an opportunity to view the marsh and a nice view of the Huron River. To access the trails, In Huron, park off County Highway 126/River Road at the DuPont Marsh State Nature Preserve.

Another nice spot, is the Milan Towpath MetroPark at 99 N. Main St. in Milan. This is also just short of one mile and follows the path of an early canal and railway, running through the site of a Moravian Indian mission village. Leashed dogs are welcome, and you’ll have the chance to see some interesting birds, too!

Our last lovely running place is Sheldon Marsh State Nature Preserve – a short 13-minute drive from Milan to Huron. With two miles of trails, this almost 500 acre reserve is home to carpets of wildflowers, hundreds of bird species, and squirrels, groundhogs, and chipmunks. The trails (and parking) fill up quickly on nice days, but any time of year is a great time to run, walk or hike! The parking lot for Sheldon Marsh is well marked on the
north side of Highway 6 (
Grand Army of the Republic Highway), just west of the Sawmill Creek resort.

Even running along the roads in the historic district here in Milan is a treat, followed by a lovely evening at Angel Welcome Bed & Breakfast, resting in your beautiful guest room, dreaming the night away in a cozy and comfy bed. Wake up to a delicious homemade breakfast to get your next day of exercise started right!

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