A Driving Distance Getaway to North-Central Ohio

Many people are looking forward to 2021, hoping it will bring an end to the troubles we’ve all experienced in 2020. Although an “end” seems maybe a little too idealistic, we do see a glimpse of light on the horizon. Hopefully, measures taken now will allow travel, dining, festivals, concerts and so much more to begin again.

Even with current restrictions, many inveterate travelers are looking for some way to “get out of Dodge”, and have started taking short jaunts by car, staying in new places that aren’t too far from where they live and don’t risk any quarantine issues, as well as making it easy to get home quickly if needed.

Small towns are the perfect answer to virus-wary wanderers who still have that itch to get away. Our town of Milan (pronounced MY-lan) is a great place to escape the daily grind, but still stay safe. Smaller population means less trouble to social distance, and staying in a B&B like Angel Welcome Bed & Breakfast means that you won’t be rubbing shoulders with dozens of other people in the hallways or at breakfast. Although our museums are closed for now, you can still do a bit of boutique shopping, check out new ways to decorate your home, try a local, non-chain restaurant, or stop by a nearby winery.

If you like to get outdoors, we have plenty of opportunities for you, no matter what time of year – the MetroPark system offers so many places in the near vicinity to get out – from easy walks to more challenging hikes. Another big attraction is the North Coast Inland Trail, a four-season paved trail that is 28-miles long, 12 feet wide, and great for biking, walking, running, skating and cross-country skiing.

So if the travel bug bites, let the urge take hold, and head out to places within easy driving distance for a few days or a week – doesn’t a getaway sound wonderful right now?

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